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More About DIY Depot – Orange Farm

The Store(DIY Depot Orange Farm) was established in 2010, and we have been growing ever since, providing a well needed and overdue service to the surrounding communities and beyond.

From our amazing customer service and responses to customers, it is without a doubt is in correlation with our progress as a business. We leave customers feeling welcome, wanted and at home here at DIY Depot Orange Farm.

Exchange your gas here at DIY Depot Orange Farm, as well as various types of Sand such as; Building , Plaster, and Concrete Mix. For all your building materials and supplies, visit DIY Depot Orange Farm.

We have also embarked on many community outreach projects such as; Rebuilding of a burnt down church, the Murray & Roberts Reservoir Project, and helping a man with all the material to rebuild his burned down shack.

DIY Depot Orange Farm offers Real People credit to assist the community with finance they require in order to build their dream homes.

From amazing customer service, to amazing delivery service, to the credit facility we are the place to be for all your hardware, building and construction material at the best prices we can offer, who wouldn’t want to shop with us?